Schev Enrollment Agreement

If the applicant is a dependent student, is not an emancipated minor, or is married to a Virginia resident, i.e.: The applicant is relied upon by his/her parents/legal guardians or spouses as a tax worker or spouse and/or receives at least half of his/her financial support from the spouse, the applicant may be entitled to state privileges if the parent/legal guardian or spouse has been established in Virginia for a period of one year. As a dependent student, the applicant is considered to have the same domicile as the parent who claims him as tax dependent and/or financially supports him substantially. As a creditor of a spouse, the applicant, as a creditor of the spouse, may be entitled to state tuition fees. The member of the army is affiliated with permanent service in Virginia or a bordering state and lives in Virginia. These are not temporary operations. Our services may display content that is not owned by Emerald Data Solutions or its affiliates. This content is the sole responsibility of the company that makes it available. The documents required vary depending on their specific residency situation. Requests regarding the necessary documents can be sent to after the student has submitted their application so that the home specialist can review the home application and advise what additional documents may be needed. Domicile Refers to the „current fixed dwelling of a person to which he or she returns after a temporary absence.