Montana Landlords Association Lease Agreement

Important: If the tenant, a family member of the tenant or another person renting caused the maintenance problem with the tenant`s agreement, the tenant cannot terminate the lease because of this problem. If you are a tenant who rents or rents a house, apartment or mobile home to someone else, this manual has been developed for you. The tenant has the right to become a member of an established association. A resident association has the right to elect the officers of the association at a meeting where a majority of the members are present. All residents have the right to participate in meetings of the Union. Identification of the owner or authorized person (§ 70-24-301) – As part of the rental agreement presented, the current names and addresses must be indicated with regard to the owner and management of the rented apartment. [Note] Although a lease is not signed or returned by the lessor or tenant, it is considered effective if the tenant pays rent or if the lessor agrees to pay the rent. [/Note] The termination that a tenant must give to a landlord when moving depends on the nature of the lease. A tenant who moves cannot sublet the rental unit or transfer it to someone else unless the lessor has approved it in writing. Montana Code does not give any observed look at a maximum amount that can be calculated for a deposit on a rented property. The sum must be guaranteed on an account separate from any mixed means during the rental period. If the tenant has informed you in writing of the same problem within the last six months, the tenant does not need to give you another chance to resolve the issue.

The tenant may terminate the lease by written notice that the tenant has informed in writing of the same problem within the last six months and that the tenant terminates the lease at the expiration of 14 days. Mould installation (§ 70-16-703) – The owner is required to disclose any knowledge of the mould found in the rental unit. The form communicates the absence of mold on the site to the knowledge of the owner. The disclosure presented must be signed by the tenant when entering into a lease. The tenant must decide either to terminate the lease or to repair and deduct the amount of the repair from the rent. The tenant cannot do both. Regardless of the option chosen by the tenant, the tenant can also take legal action asking the court to award the tenant actual harm suffered by the tenant and force you to make the repairs. At the time of the conclusion of the lessor-tenant lease, the lessor must provide the tenant with a written declaration on the condition of the property, signed by the lessor. If the landlord does not make such a declaration, the lessor cannot withhold part of the tenant`s deposit for damages if the tenant moves, unless the landlord can clearly prove that the tenant is the cause of the damage. If the tenant has violated either the rental agreement or the requirements of the Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, the lessor may terminate a rental agreement with a period of 14 days, except in the following circumstances: Monthly Rental Agreement – Presents a documentation tool describing the provisions relating to the rental of real estate. This special agreement allows each party to terminate the engagement before the term is terminated with thirty (30) days` notification. .

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