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But more than any other factor, it was probably the independence and self-confidence of the Mayan actors in the peace process that confirmed the change in indigenous identity politics. During the discussion on the Indigenous Rights Agreement, it became clear that non-indigenous mediators were no longer needed; That the indigenous peoples of Guatemala were able to ensure themselves that the issues that mattered to them were included in the national agenda. The land for the Maya is an important enalogic member and a place of religious community. It is therefore a pivot of cultural identity. It is essential that access to land remains, for the vast majority, the key to economic sustenance. The agreement on this consensus proposal was an important political learning experience for the Mayan organizations of COPMAGUA. However, civil society`s support for the proposal has been difficult and sometimes fierce. The provisions of aidpi, summarized in the chronology and presented in the middle pages of this issue, describe the different political, cultural and socio-economic rights guaranteed to indigenous peoples as a result of the peace process. While Mayan activists stress that they did not play a direct role in the adoption of these provisions – the Assembly`s recommendations were not binding and the final agreement was signed by non-indigenous governments and URNG representatives – they recognise the peace process as a decisive step towards inter-ethnic relations in Guatemala and in the struggle for Mayan rights. „Services” means cloud identity core services provided by Google and used by Customer under this Agreement. The services are described here: or any other URL provided by Google.

„reseller agreement” means the separate agreement between the customer and the reseller with respect to the services. The Reseller Agreement is outside and outside the scope of this Agreement. In particular, an agreement, the Agreement on the Identity and Rights of Indigenous Peoples (AIDPI), signed on 31 March 1995, is of paramount importance. It expressly recognizes the multi-ethnic, cultural plural and multilingual character of Guatemala and the specific collective rights of approximately six million indigenous peoples. „SLA” means the Service Level Agreement that applies only to the „Cloud Identity Premium” edition, which can be found under or other URL provided by Google. „additional products” means products, services and applications that are not part of the Services, but that may be accessible for use with the Services through the Admin Console or other means. Additional products do not contain core services for G Suite, which are offered under a separate agreement. This agreement does not regulate the use of the additional products by the customer or its end users. „Service-Specific Terms”, the terms specific to one or more Services: .

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