Victorian Legal Aid Agreement

If you are unable to resolve your legal problem on your own and cannot afford a lawyer, VLA may be able to pay for a lawyer to help you. This is called „mutual legal assistance.” Before 1928, only prisoners or very poor people could apply to the Supreme Court for legal aid. In 1928, the government established the public prosecutor`s office to facilitate access to legal aid. People were allowed if they did not own property worth more than 50 pounds. As more and more people learned about legal aid, the demand increased. This led to a delay in the D.A.`s office. To increase legal aid, the Victorian government passed the Legal Aid Act in 1961, which established the Legal Aid Committee. This committee was chaired by the legal professions. Your lawyer is paid directly by VLA. Your lawyer cannot ask you to pay for the services provided as part of your legal assistance. If you receive an invoice from your lawyer, let them know immediately. Victoria Legal Aid has an in-house law firm to ensure that it has a thorough and practical knowledge of the needs and challenges of legal assistance services in which legal assistance services are provided.

The main mission of the Victoria Legal Aid Chamber (Chambers) is to support clients receiving legal support in civil, criminal, children`s and children`s law cases, and to conduct strategic litigation to resolve a legal problem or change a policy or process for the benefit of an individual client and the wider community. [2] Free legal advice – in person, via videoconference or telephone; Get legal advice if you are not sure that the contract is reflecting your contract correctly or if you have any doubts about the agreement. Victoria Legal Aid applies three tests before you can get legal assistance. These are tests of means and performance to determine if your case is within the scope of its guidelines. They give priority to intensive legal services, such as legal assistance and representation, to those who need it most. They also recognize the links between legal and social issues and advocate for change. [2] FDRS is free. However, you may have to pay the legal fees if you do not receive legal assistance. VLA has a board of directors, a Chief Executive Officer, three major internal legal branches, a team of in-house lawyers and legal and internal support functions. [2] If you find your credit contract unfair, you may be able to ask the Victorian civil and administrative tribunal to change it. You should have legal advice on that.

Legal assistance is generally provided in criminal or family cases, but it can also be granted in other areas such as guardianship, offences, immigration, social security, mental health and discrimination. When you write your own chords, you keep the words as simple as possible. Make sure there are no spaces that can be filled out by other people after you sign up and place your initials next to any changes to the contract before signing it. All parties involved should receive a copy of the signed contract. You should notify VLA immediately if your circumstances change while you are assisted by a lawyer; Free legal advice for those who meet the eligibility criteria; The idea of legal aid is more than 100 years old in Victoria. [3] Learn more about legal issues related to coronavirus COVID-19 and where Victorians can receive help – click here. By accepting mutual legal assistance, you also accept the terms and conditions of the grant and all the specific conditions explained in the letter you receive from VLA. Among these terms is: no. It is legally binding to write, sign and date what has been agreed.