Nnpg Agreement

The Naga peace talks cannot be directed towards the final agreement without overcoming the obstacles that arise from the contentious issues. Naga`s political problem remains one of the most difficult conflicts and it is regrettable that the talks have cleared a new hurdle after 23 years of ongoing negotiations. The Nagaland government`s initiative to facilitate the consultation of civil society groups on the political theme of Naga is commendable, as concrete and innovative solutions must be found to end the deadlock and keep discussions on the pace. This, however, requires all parties concerned to stop turning the bush and to clarify their positions on the contentious issues unambiguously. The Indian government also has the opportunity to continue negotiations. A quick solution to Naga`s angry political problem is of the utmost importance for the establishment of a lasting peace and an end to the proliferation of weapons in the region. The response of the NSCN (IM) and NNPG to the resolutions adopted at the consultation meeting will be closely monitored in the region and beyond. A/The framework agreement is known (only) by the NSCN (IM) and the Indian government. Apart from a single page and a media exercise, they did not reveal anything to the Naga people, so I cannot comment on it. Together with the NNPG Working Committee and the Indian government, the „agreed position” signed on 17 November 2017 clearly gave new impetus to the stagnation of the discussions.

The people of Naga had new hope, and after three years of negotiations, we resolved all the issues in principle – without compromising Naga`s history, identity and political right. As things stand, Naga strains are satisfied with the practical approach. You have confidence in the process adopted by the working committee. Nagaland Governor cum Interlocutor for Naga Peace Talks, R.N. Ravi, and the working committee, Naga National Political Groups (NNPGs) agreed to finalize a „draft agreement” at an official meeting at Commissioner Nagaland`s Inn on July 14, 2020. „GoI also knows that the NSCN-IM is extending the negotiations, as if we didn`t want a solution. It therefore decided that with or without NSCN-IM, an agreement can be signed with the NNPG Working Committee (WC). The Naga people only want peace and harmony and want a solution to the persistent political issue in Indo-Naga,” sources said.